Outreach Guidelines

Our team's Outreach Guidelines dictate how we run events, as well as how we keep everyone safe and having fun! All team members are required to read them as part of our team's handbook, and must follow them at all events.

During Events:

  1. If the Outreach Lead, the appointed person in charge, or a parent volunteer asks you to do something, please do it! It makes life a lot easier for everyone involved.

  2. Be helpful!

  3. Every student volunteer at the event must be wearing their Robototes T-shirt and/or sweatshirt.

  4. Students shouldn’t be acting disrespectfully towards parent volunteers, the people running the event, or anyone visiting our area.

  5. Try to avoid clumping in big groups and only talking to people from the team. We get that you’re there with your friends and some of these events are long, but we’re there to spread our team’s message in the community, not stand in a corner with our friends.

  6. If we’re permitted to take pictures, please do! We have a Google Photos album to upload them to, and they might end up on the website or our Chairman’s poster!

  7. You HAVE to follow the safety guidelines. No exceptions.

  8. Just use common sense. Please.

Safety and Liability:

  1. Every student attending Outreach events must have turned in a signed permission slip.

  2. For events not associated with BSD (such as ARTS Fair, Kids Quest Museum, etc.) at least one adult from the team should be present and/or available for contact and in the area.

  3. All team members must be wearing safety glasses while working with or near the robot. People who prefer safety shields must be responsible for bringing their own.

  4. If the team will be driving the robot, there must be some sort of barrier between the robot and the people visiting the event.

  5. In order to drive, team members must follow these rules. Failure to do so will mean that the person in question will not be permitted to operate the robot.

    1. The robot must be kept in “baby” or safe mode while driving near any visitors to the event. This mode may ONLY be removed to check battery or while the robot is driving at a SAFE distance from the barrier. It may NOT be removed in order to scare visitors or while the robot is close to the barrier.

    2. The drivers may NOT touch the drive board while there are any visitors within the barrier

    3. We don’t have a designated driver for outreach events. If asked to give up control of the robot, the drivers will do so immediately. If they would like to find someone else to drive, they are free to do so.

  6. In order for anyone not on the team to be permitted to drive the robot:

    1. It must be in “baby” or safe mode.

    2. The person driving must be wearing safety glasses.

    3. A Robotote must have their finger over enter (disable) at ALL times and be paying close attention to the person driving.

    4. A Robotote must be in charge of keeping visitors at a safe distance from the robot, and must be paying close attention to both the robot and the visitors.

    5. There must be some sort of physical barrier between the robot and the visitors to the event.

  7. In order to take pictures, the team must have obvious signs up that inform visitors that we will be taking photos, and what we will be using the photos for.