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Introducing our 2019 robot: Raven

Raven can place cargo and hatches on the cargo ship and all 3 levels as well as climb to any HAB level.


  • 8-wheel tank drive powered by 6 NEOs
  • Shifting drive base gearbox for high speed and power
  • Dual-purpose intake can pick up both hatch panels and cargo off the ground
  • Lift system uses 2 NEO motors to lift intake
  • Climber uses rail deployment system and linear actuators to climb to any HAB Level
  • Onboard vision guidance allows for fast and accurate semi-automated game piece placement
  • USB Camera gives drive team view of field during sandstorm and teleoperated mode

Raven will compete at Auburn Mountainview, Glacier Peak and beyond. (pending qualification).


Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we have been able to afford a robot year after year. Without these sponsors, our team would not exist.