Our Team

Our Mission

To provide all members with the opportunity to grow and learn as leaders, learners and innovators, all while growing interest in STEM in our community.

Our Vision

To make world class robots, produce workforce ready members, and grow accessibility in STEM education in our entire community.

Who are we? and Our History

The Robototes, FRC Team 2412, was founded in 2007 at Sammamish High School with 12 students and 2 mentors, first competing in 2008. Our first competition was OverDrive and we've been building robots ever since. Our workspace frequently changed until 2015, when 2412 settled in Sammamish’s engineering and robotics rooms.

Since then, enrollment has tripled and currently consists of 65 students and 20 mentors. Increasing female participation is an ongoing focus for the team, especially for outreach events.

More than just robots

Although building robots is definitely important, we also have many members who are involved in other non-robot aspects, such as Business and Outreach. A good team, which we strive to be, is well-balanced in all areas. Even if you're not into building robots or programming, you can still help! Our team meets at Sammamish High School in the engineering room (room 143, first floor) after school on Mondays, and 4 days a week during the build season.

Best years

Our most successful seasons were 2008, 2014, and 2019. In those three years, we have won a total of 63 matches (not including the offseason) and received many awards.You can see all of our past competitions at The Blue Alliance.