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Mecanum drive (forward/back, turning, and strafing movement)

Front headlights

2020/21 - Heron

Game: Infinite Recharge

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Robot CAD

Competing at:

Awards received:

  • Quarterfinalists at Glacier Peak

  • Entrepreneurship Award at Glacier Peak


  • 8-wheel tank drive

  • Dual intakes on both sides of the robot

  • Turreted shooter can fire from any position on the field

  • Adjustable hood allows for launch angle to be changed

  • Lift elevates shooter above defenders

  • Folding climb fits below the trench run

2019 - Raven

Game: Destination Deep Space

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Full Robot CAD

Competed at:

Awards received:

  • Quarterfinalists at Auburn Mountainview

  • Quality Award at Auburn Mountainview

  • 6th seeded alliance captain at Glacier Peak

  • Finalists at Glacier Peak

  • Imagery Award at Glacier Peak

  • Quarterfinalists at Pacific Northwest District Championship

  • Imagery Award at Pacific Northwest District Championship

  • Quarterfinalists at Houston World Championship


  • 8-wheel tank drive powered by 6 NEOs

  • Shifting drive base gearbox for high speed and power

  • Intake can pick up cargo off the ground

  • Lift system uses 2 NEO motors to lift intake

  • Climber uses rail deployment system and linear actuators to climb to any HAB Level

  • Onboard vision guidance allows for fast and accurate semi-automated game piece placement

  • USB Camera gives drive team view of field during sandstorm and teleoperated mode

2018 - Griffin


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Game: Power Up

Competed at:

Awards received:

  • Quarterfinalists at Auburn

  • Quarterfinalists at Glacier Peak

  • Winners at Girls Gen


  • 8 wheel tank drive, powered by 6 CIMs

  • Shifting gearbox for high speed and power

  • Pneumatic intake with compliance wheels can pick cubes off the ground

  • Lift system uses two BAG motors and constant force springs to lift up intake

  • Climber uses two 775 pros to lift robot off the ground in 1-2 seconds

2017 - Falca


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Game: Steamworks

Competed at:

Awards received:

  • 3 Four rotor matches

  • Semifinalists at Auburn

  • Innovation in Control Award at Auburn


  • 6 wheel tank drive, powered by 4 CIMs

  • Pneumatic gripper can pick gear off the ground

  • Chain-driven climber powered by a 775 pro

  • Crosses baseline for extra 5 points

2016 - Sir Costalot

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Game: Stronghold

Competed at:

Awards received:

  • Ranked #8 at Glacier Peak

  • 7th seeded captain at Auburn

  • Finalist at Girls Gen


  • Can cross any category B and D defense (as well as low bar) in Autonomous

  • Crosses all defenses in Teleoperated period (except Drawbridge)

  • Intake arm can be raised and lowered for help crossing defenses

  • Low goal scoring


(The Yodeling Pusher of Totes and Recycling containers Yusing Lots and Lots of Acme)


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Game: Recycle Rush

Competed at:

Awards received:

  • Innovation in Control Award

  • Semifinalists at Auburn Mountainview

  • Ranked #8 at Shorewood


  • Mecanum drive

  • Ability to stack totes and RCs

  • Automatic in-robot stack assembly for fast scoring

  • RC "claw" to grab RCs off of center step quickly

  • 14 sensors

2014 - CONDOR

(Cooperatively Optimized Northwest Defensive and Offensive Robot)

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Game: Aerial Assist

Competed at:

Awards received:

  • Quality Award (twice)

  • Ranked #1 at Glacier Peak

  • Semifinalists at Pacific Northwest Championship


  • Ability to launch into high goal using pneumatically-driven catapult

  • Shifting gearbox for high speed and power

  • Fast pick-up

  • "Wings" to aid catching

  • 8-wheel design

  • Two ball autonomous