Who are we?

We are the Robototes, Sammamish High School's FIRST Robotics Team. Named after our school's nickname (the Totems, or totes), we have participated in FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) since 2008.

What is FIRST

FIRST, or For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, is a national organization dedicated to helping students discover the magic of science and technology. FIRST has several programs, including FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), a high-school level program where different teams (including us) compete and cooperate with each other. Every year we receive a new challenge, or game. These games can range from basketball and shooting frisbees to hanging large inner tubes on pegs over 7 feet in the air. After the game is revealed, we only have six weeks and a few days to work on the robot. These six weeks are known as "Build Season". After Build Season, our team goes to competitions, where many different teams compete and work together to win matches and awards.

More than just robots

Although building robots is definitely important, we also have many members who are involved in other non-robot aspects, such as fundraising and outreach. A good team (which we hopefully are) is well-balanced in all areas. The moral of the story is that even if you're not into building robots or programming, you can still help. Our team meets at Sammamish High School in the engineering room (room 143, first floor) after school on Mondays, and every day during the build season.

Our History

Team 2412 was founded in 2007 and first competed in 2008. Our first competition was OverDrive and we've been building robots ever since. You can see our past competitions at The Blue Alliance.

Best years

Our most successful seasons were 2008, 2014, and 2016. In those three years, we have won a total of 52 matches (not including the offseason) and received several awards.

Our robots

Name: Tomo^2
  • Shoots T-Shirts :)
  • Mecanum drive (forward/back, turning, and strafing movement)
  • Front headlights
Tomo^2, our T-Shirt shooting robot.
Name: Falca

Year: 2017 (Steamworks)

Competed at:
Awards received:
  • 3 Four rotor matches
  • Semifinalists at Auburn
  • Innovation in Control Award
  • 6 wheel tank drive, powered by 4 CIMs
  • Pneumatic gripper can pick gear off the ground
  • Chain-driven climber powered by a 775 pro
  • Crosses baseline for extra 5 points
Falca, our 2017 robot.
Name: Sir Costalot

Year: 2016 (Stronghold)

Competed at:
Awards received:
  • Can cross any category B and D defense (as well as low bar) in Autonomous
  • Crosses all defenses in Teleoperated period (except Drawbridge)
  • Intake arm can be raised and lowered for help crossing defenses
  • Low goal scoring
Sir Costalot, our 2016 robot.
Name: YPOTRYLLA (The Yodeling Pusher of Totes and Recycling containers Yusing Lots and Lots of Acme)

Year: 2015 (Recycle Rush)

Competed at:
Awards received:
  • Mecanum drive
  • Ability to stack totes and RCs
  • Automatic in-robot stack assembly for fast scoring
  • RC "claw" to grab RCs off of center step quickly
  • 14 sensors
YPOTRYLLA (The Yodeling Pusher of Totes and Recycling containers Yusing Lots and Lots of Acme), our 2015 robot.
Name: CONDOR (Cooperatively Optimized Northwest Defensive and Offensive Robot)

Year: 2014 (Aerial Assist)

Competed at:
Awards received:
  • Ability to launch into high goal using pneumatically-driven catapult
  • Shifting gearbox for high speed and power
  • Fast pick-up
  • "Wings" to aid catching
  • 8-wheel design
  • Two ball autonomous
CONDOR (Cooperatively Optimized Northwest Defensive and Offensive Robot), our 2014 robot.


Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we have been able to afford a robot year after year. Without these sponsors, our team would not exist.